Time To Go Big Or Go Home on Renewable Energy (Infographic)

Often, I go through my Twitter feed trying to find good information relating to what is impacting the 21st century. This time, I found an infograph (see below) that the Pew Charitable Trusts released today relating to United States clean energy policy. Here is some interesting numbers:

– Between 2012-2018 could see global revenue for clean energy reach U.S.$1.9 Trillion, which is quite an astonishing number given the rapid rise globally of renewable energy within recent years.

– 118 nations (sorry, Canada and U.S.) have some sort of national renewable energy goals. Heck, even China, and India, two of the world’s top emerging markets have some sort of national targets.

– What is even more interesting is China currently has 30.1% of the global solar photovoltaic manufacturers in their own country, and 26.7% of companies producing wind turbines. Just showing how emerging markets are embracing clean energy.

So, isn’t it time for countries like Canada and the U.S. to go big or go home? We know likely Barack Obama mentioned in his inauguration address in January his commitment to battling climate change and boosting renewable energy targets. I wonder if Stephen Harper will too face up to that challenge. In Manitoba, will the spirit of entrepreneurism and activism finally rise up to create new and exciting businesses? Or will the lack of entrepreneurial spirit seal this provinces fate as a renewable energy leader.

So what do you think? Do you think that It’s time to go big or go home with clean technology?  Email me at adamjwpg@mymts.net, or contact me on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, or Google+.

Image Credit: The Future of U.S. Clean Energy via Pew Environment

Image Credit: The Future of U.S. Clean Energy via Pew Environment