About Adam

Adam Johnston currently works as an accounting clerk, owns his own part-time tax preparation business and Salay Consulting & Social Media Services.

Adam specializes in writing on renewable energy, climate change, business & the markets,  globalization, technology, and soccer. His work has appeared  in various print and on-line publications. Some of them include,  CleanTechnica, SolarLove,  Manitoba Co-OperatorSoccer Report Extra,  The Herald, and The Uniter.

Adam graduated from the University of Winnipeg with a three-year B.A. in Economics and Rhetoric, Writing and Communications in 2011. He is currently working on his Renewable Energy Professional Development certificate from the University of Toronto School of the Environment.

In his spare time, Adam volunteers for various organizations, reads lots of non-fiction books, watches soccer, and enjoys playing video games.


4 thoughts on “About Adam

  1. Hi Adam. I read your interesting ‘Microgrids in Canada’s First Nations Remote Communities’ article, and I wish to exchage few words with you. Is this possible? BTW, I am located in Israel.

    Best Regards,

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