Wind Energy Slowly Powering Automotive Plants Globally

Wind Energy, on one hand, blows freely. It’s becoming cost competitive with fossil fuels across North America.

On the other hand, the automotive industry has been slow to change, until recently as electric vehicles, driverless cars, and car-sharing are changing the landscape.

Now what happens, when both collide?

Check out this April, 2015 The Weather Channel report, showing how the Russells Point, Ohio Honda plant is powered by wind energy.

Southern Minnesota company Juhl Energy provides three turbines, which powers 60MW or 10% of the plant’s electricity.

While wind energy providing electricity to automotive plants is a new game in North America, In Europe it’s more common to see this.

Ford plants in both Belgium and the United Kingdom have wind as an electricity source. BMW added four wind turbines to its Leipzig, Germany plant, in supplying 25% of its power over two years ago.

Meanwhile, expect the trend to grow in North America. General Motors announced this past February it’s adding 34MW of wind power to its Mexican plants in order to reach its renewable energy goals four years earlier.

GM Wind Energy

Image Credit: Wind Power Propels GM Past Renewable Energy Goal via General Motors

With US total installed wind capacity at 66GW, and 9.694GW in Canada, the question of who is the next US (or Canadian) automotive plant to feel the breeze? Perhaps a Ontario Canada plant? But even better, why not one in Michigan? This was the backbone of automobiles. Ford, GM, are you listening?


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