Generation Y is Giving the Workplace an Extreme Makeover

Generation Y is continuing to give the workplace an Extreme Makeover, similar to the popular reality ABC television series.

Another recent infograph (see below) posted on the Gen Y Hub and created by Cisco for their Cisco Connect report in late 2012 suggests companies better have dramatically shift how they manage their workers.

Image Credit: The New Workplace Currency via Gen Y Hub

Image Credit: The New Workplace Currency via Gen Y Hub

For example, 3 out 5 Generation yers believe they have the right to a flexible work environment. The data also points to 80% of interviewees being allowed to pick the device for the job they do on a daily basis.

If that is not enough to turn your head, then perhaps this will. Half of respondents get this, would rather lose their WALLET before losing their smart phone or mobile device (ummm, yep losing your I.D. debit card, or hard earn cash is worth pennies, but that sexy iPhone is priceless and worth the world to you!).

As an early thirty something, I can understand the dramatic shift that will occur in the workplace. I honestly hope that as a generation Yer, that some good will occur, and our workplace will have more meaning to us. However, some of the other things I could do with out. I still value my wallet, my photo I.D. card, and I don’t pick my choice of iPad for work (I have Dell were I work). However, if I plan to start my own small business within the next few years, you can best be assured I will pick an Apple iPad, plus an HP laptop.

Anyways, I am kind of interested what type of workplace we are going to see within the next decade. I am guessing more telecommuting will be the order of the day.

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From Cleantechnica: New German Wind Energy Capacity Increases In 2012 By 20%

New German Wind Energy Capacity Increases In 2012 By 20% (via Clean Technica)

New German installed wind capacity advanced by 20% in 2012, helping the country’s industry see steady growth according to a recent report. The German Wind Energy Association (BWE) and VDMA Power Systems (VDMA PS) note a total of 2,439 megawatts (MW) and 1008 wind turbines were installed in 2012.…

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From Cleantechnica: Tesla Releases Mobile Phone App For Model S Vehicle

Here is something cool I wrote. The fusion of information technology and clean technology is really moving fast. All the merrier.

Tesla Releases Mobile Phone App For Model S Vehicle (via Clean Technica)

Tesla Motors has just released their new mobile phone app for their ground breaking Model S vehicle, according to a recent blog post on the company website. The new app for both Apple iPhone and Google Android based phones will allow Model S drivers to get the most out of one of the hottest…

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From Cleantechncica: One Person’s Trash Is The World’s Energy Treasure

Interesting piece I wrote about Montana based bioroot energy. Shows lots of promise. Please note some clarifications in the comments section from Jay Toups of Bioroot Energy.

One Person’s Trash Is The World’s Energy Treasure (via Clean Technica)

We as humans throw a lot of garbage into our landfills and dumpsters, which means disaster for the environment. However, as the old saying goes “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” is allowing one company to literally take this to the bank. Bioroot Energy based in Darby, Montana…

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From Cleantechnica: Germany, China, North America Head List Of Top 10 PV Markets

Here is one that I wrote about the solar pv global markets last year. No surprise that Germany and China were the top two. China is set to be the dominant player very soon.

Germany, China, North America Head List Of Top 10 PV Markets (via Clean Technica)

Germany, China, and North America led the way in the top 10 photovoltaic (PV) global market places in 2012 based on recent research done by NPD Solarbuzz analysis. In a recent PV Tech article, Germany again took top prize with 26% of the global PV market share, thanks to slight volume increases on…

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From Cleantechnica: Opower Releases New Energy Mobile Phone App

Here is a recent article I wrote for Cleantechnica about a new mobile smart energy app in the United States. Wish they had this in Manitoba.

Opower Releases New Energy Mobile Phone App (via Clean Technica)

Another day, another company adding to the list of smart technologies to enhance energy efficiency and smart grid potential for customers. This time, its Arlington Virginia’s Opower, a leader in providing customer based solutions for utilities. In development for five years, the app will allow customers…

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Generation Jobless: Infograph (re: Generation Screwed)

Recently, CBC released a documentary called Generation Jobless, which discusses the plight of Generation Y (Generation Screwed) and the challenges they face, including crappy jobs, skyrocketing costs and wondering if all the stress, debt, is worth it for the piece of paper three to four years later.

Just for your interest here an infograph (see below) that explains some of the problems Canadian Generation Yers are facing once they graduate University in terms of cost, compared to those who graduated in 1980.

Image Credit: CBC Doc Zone

Image Credit: CBC Doc Zone

Some food for thought stats based on the infograph:

– One way bus fare was $0.60 in 1980, compared to 2012 at $2.65

– Basic cable in 1980 was $20.00. In 2012, its more than doubled at $50.00

– Phone costs last year were $40.00 twice the price of a telephone in $20.00

– Stamp costs were $0.17 in 1980, compared to $0.61 in 2012.

– A home purchase in 1980 was on average $76,214. Practically affordable. Last year, the average Canadian home was $369, 677.

If you think that is challenging, back in 1980, a full-time teaching job was $15,000 with full-time benefits and regular increases. In 2012, for a supply teacher, someone would make $24,940, with NO pension, NO regular benefits and NO regular increases.

The path towards prosperity for my generation, may not be exactly traditional, but rather you could very well generation Y be the “Entrepreneurial Generation.”

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