Generation Y is Giving the Workplace an Extreme Makeover

Generation Y is continuing to give the workplace an Extreme Makeover, similar to the popular reality ABC television series.

Another recent infograph (see below) posted on the Gen Y Hub and created by Cisco for their Cisco Connect report in late 2012 suggests companies better have dramatically shift how they manage their workers.

Image Credit: The New Workplace Currency via Gen Y Hub

Image Credit: The New Workplace Currency via Gen Y Hub

For example, 3 out 5 Generation yers believe they have the right to a flexible work environment. The data also points to 80% of interviewees being allowed to pick the device for the job they do on a daily basis.

If that is not enough to turn your head, then perhaps this will. Half of respondents get this, would rather lose their WALLET before losing their smart phone or mobile device (ummm, yep losing your I.D. debit card, or hard earn cash is worth pennies, but that sexy iPhone is priceless and worth the world to you!).

As an early thirty something, I can understand the dramatic shift that will occur in the workplace. I honestly hope that as a generation Yer, that some good will occur, and our workplace will have more meaning to us. However, some of the other things I could do with out. I still value my wallet, my photo I.D. card, and I don’t pick my choice of iPad for work (I have Dell were I work). However, if I plan to start my own small business within the next few years, you can best be assured I will pick an Apple iPad, plus an HP laptop.

Anyways, I am kind of interested what type of workplace we are going to see within the next decade. I am guessing more telecommuting will be the order of the day.

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