Generation Y and Technology (Infographic)

It’s quite clear that Generation Y is the most comfortable with technology, compared to previous generations. More proof is in the pudding, when Cisco released their Cisco Connected World Technology Report, late in 2012. (infograph below).

Image Credit: Generation Y and Technology via Cisco

Image Credit: Generation Y and Technology via Cisco

Some of the more interesting findings relating to the report include:

-Nine out of ten between 18 and 30 check their smart phone as part of their early morning routine.

– 60% of respondents said they are consistently checking their mobile device/smart phone for updates, text messages and emails.

– Nearly half of those who answered the survey check their smart phones at the dinner table.

These numbers within my own generation do not surprise me. However, for the Baby Boomer set, they might be disappointed to see GenYers checking their Facebook statuses while eating mom’s chicken and mashed potatoes at the dinner table when the evening CBC news is blurring in the background.

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