Generation Jobless: Infograph (re: Generation Screwed)

Recently, CBC released a documentary called Generation Jobless, which discusses the plight of Generation Y (Generation Screwed) and the challenges they face, including crappy jobs, skyrocketing costs and wondering if all the stress, debt, is worth it for the piece of paper three to four years later.

Just for your interest here an infograph (see below) that explains some of the problems Canadian Generation Yers are facing once they graduate University in terms of cost, compared to those who graduated in 1980.

Image Credit: CBC Doc Zone

Image Credit: CBC Doc Zone

Some food for thought stats based on the infograph:

– One way bus fare was $0.60 in 1980, compared to 2012 at $2.65

– Basic cable in 1980 was $20.00. In 2012, its more than doubled at $50.00

– Phone costs last year were $40.00 twice the price of a telephone in $20.00

– Stamp costs were $0.17 in 1980, compared to $0.61 in 2012.

– A home purchase in 1980 was on average $76,214. Practically affordable. Last year, the average Canadian home was $369, 677.

If you think that is challenging, back in 1980, a full-time teaching job was $15,000 with full-time benefits and regular increases. In 2012, for a supply teacher, someone would make $24,940, with NO pension, NO regular benefits and NO regular increases.

The path towards prosperity for my generation, may not be exactly traditional, but rather you could very well generation Y be the “Entrepreneurial Generation.”

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