The State of B2B Social Media Marketing: Infographic

With one month into 2013, it’s always interesting to look at trends going on, namely in the world of social media. Being a blogger and renewable energy writer for CleanTechnica, I sign up for various social media marketing literature. One email I got from Marketo discussed the trends in the world of Business to Business Marketing (B2B) with an intriguing infograph (see below).


Image Credit: Marketo

If you are in the business of being a social media coordinator here is some of the numbers to pay attention to:

-In 2012, 87% of companies were using social media, up 13% From 2011 at 74%.

– Five main social media outlets are used for B2B, including: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+.

LinkedIn was the most use by companies in their marketing mix (83%), followed next by Twitter (80%), Facebook (80%), YouTube (61%), and Google+ (39%).

Jason Miller of Marketo mentions while content marketing is the key force for companies in their social media mix, many companies are still trying to figure what works for them:

It clearly shows us that content marketing is not a fad and will continue to be a driving force for marketers, while at the same time indicating that the majority are still struggling to find a process that works for them and are having trouble garnering buy in from the C-suites.

Is B2B social media marketing a fad? Or will the trend for more companies to use this continue? What does everyone think? Drop me a line at, Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.


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