Michael Hyatt: Platform University

If you are looking to grow your blog, Internet presence and tired of hearing astro-turf social media experts, than try taking some advice from authentic social media guru Michael Hyatt.

In case you do not know who Michael Hyatt is, who wrote the New York Times best seller Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. Hyatt is known for his knowledge and advice on how to succeed in this crazy high-tech media world.

The former chairman of Thomson Nelson and New York Times bestselling author keeps adding to his portfolio in helping those succeed.

Case in point, he just released the website Platform University, which is a very friendly user guide on building your online network base to market your business, cause, or anything you want to get out in this “noisy world.”

Hyatt, just released two videos on the site. The first video was released last week in which he talks about how he increased is readers past 300,000 readers a month. Definitely good inspiration for those who get down often about not reaching their goals fast enough.

He also provides some interesting insight how he got into the social media game. This was due to him buying one of the first Amazon Kindle e-books. That and the “Tsunami” of social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook now available.

The second video, now up online discusses the number of mistakes he made and what you could do as a blogger to avoid those mistakes.

I really like some of the suggestions in his book and videos, mixing social media and your personal passion to create something that matters to you. We need more people like this who are not only very knowledgeable about growing an online marketing mix, but someone who is sincere and real.

What do you think of Hyatt’s idea of a “Platform?” Is it possible for people to achieve such goals? Is it easier or harder to get noticed in the Internet age, compared to thirty years ago?

Leave your comments here, hit me up on Facebook, Twitter,  Google+ or email me at adamjwpg@mymts.net.

Image via MIchaelhyatt.com

Image via MIchaelhyatt.com


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