Food For Thought: Mobile Phone Statistics In Canada and Abroad

Courtesy of the Winnipeg Free Press October 24, 2012 Insert, “The Canadian Wireless Landscape”

Ok folks, here is some quick food for though numbers:

I read a recent article from an insert in the Winnipeg Free Press. The article was called “Welcome to the Confusing, Wonderful Wireless World.” Some of the more interesting statistics mentioned were:

Six billion global mobile phone subscriptions, based on a United Nations report.

The article noted a report from the International Telecommunications Union saying China has 1 billion mobile subscriptions, with India expected to reach that in 2012.

Seventy-Eight per cent of Canadian house holds report at least one cell phone, while there are over 25 million mobile phone subscribers in the Great White North.

Smart phone usage in the Canadian prairies has more than doubled in 2012 with 44 per cent, compared to 19 per cent in 2011.

That same report suggests 2.3 billion out of the global population’s 7 billion people use the Internet.

The above infograph from this insert in the October 24, 2012 Winnipeg Free Press provides some more interesting numbers for you to chew on.

There is no limit on how far mobile phone technology will have on both the developed and the developing world this century.


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