2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifying Roundup: Oh Canada, Whoa USA, and Italy’s Euro 2012 Hangover

A full slate of games were on tap across the globe as 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying started up again after the summer. Now while qualifying for CONCACAF has been going on since last summer, This weekend sees UEFA join the fold. And after today, there was some cracking shockers. Here are some off the results:

Photo Source: Canada.com

Canada 1- Panama 0

Dwayne DeRosario scored in the 77th minute at BMO field in Toronto, Ontario as Canada, ranked 73rd in the world, knocked off 50th ranked Panama.

Canada, who last qualified for a FIFA World Cup in 1986, when I was in Kindergarten, may actually have a legitimate shot of making out of the group, and getting into the final round of CONCACAF (or sometimes I call it CONCACRAP) 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifying.

Here is hoping they somehow qualify. I would trade in a heartbeat the men’s Olympic hockey team winning the 2014 Winter Olympic hockey gold medal to see our Canadian men’s national team have the HONOR of playing in the greatest soccer tournament on the planet in 2014. I can only hope and dream of celebrating at Portage and Main in the fall of 2013 when they qualify!!!

Canada now sits on top of the group C with seven points, one ahead of Panama with six. The top two teams from each group qualify for the final round of CONCACAF World 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying starting early in 2013.

Photo Source: ESPN Soccernet

Jamaica 1- USA 0

Meanwhile, The USA, already stinging after not qualifying for the men’s Olympic tournament, was bounced by Jamaica, 1-0. WOW! Shocking result. While it’s likely the USA will probably get out of this group,  nothing is certain, not even a hard-core Winnipeg winter anymore.

Photo Source: SB Nation

Colombia 4- Uruguay 0

The biggest thumping award of the day goes to Colombia, who thumped Uruguay 4-0 in South American World Cup qualifying.  Not good for the 2011 Copa America champions. Where is Diego Forlan when you need him???!!! Uruguay is in fourth in South American qualifying. Colombia is in fifth. Argentina leads the group.

Photo Source: Sportsnet.ca

Bulgaria 2- Italy 2

And lastly, the Italians are suffering some Euro 2012 hangover from their surprise second place finish after a disappointing result against Bulgaria, a 2-2 draw.


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