An Open Letter To Some Impatient Millenials

Millenials texting on their cell phones. Photo Source:

Dear Impatient Millenials:

I am writing to you. Yes, I know who you are. I technically am one of them. I am one of you. I was born in the early 1980’s. I straddle between Generation X and Generation Y. I prefer to call myself apart of Generation Y. Generation X is so yesterday. After all, I prefer

I am writing to you all because, I am a little concerned of some off the behaviour you may be causing in the work place and give other Generation Yers like myself a bad name.

I don’t know if you read a recent Wall Street Journal Article about what companies in the US are bending over to some pretty wonky demands. Here are just some:

– Ocean Spray in Lakeville Massachusetts scrapping an 8 a.m. start time daily because many millenials working at the company live in nearby Boston.

– A company called Chegg Inc, eliminating some middle management jobs in order to allow younger workers to more management style project.

If that was not cheesy enough, according to the article, some gen Y workers at Chegg wanted to leave early to finish their work at Starbucks.

Yep, I have to cringe when I read this. It has been bad enough that many people within our age group are struggling to find jobs. Many within generation Y are struggling to pay bills. Many are stuck at dead-end jobs, anticipating furthering their education because they can’t get the job they want.

I truly believe that most within our generation do have a challenge and do not have it completely easy and are struggling to find their path. Those get my sympathy.

However, I have to address to you within my generation that complain about not having it your way all the time. I really have a problem with the outlandish demands some Generation Yers get from their employers besides the ones I just mention. I could list others. iPads, BlackBerry’s, lavish gifts and from sources, some employees going for manicures in the middle of a Friday afternoon. The list could be as long as the Red River. Heck, even major unions whose most of their membership baby boomers would want to slap some of you young punks.

Now I am not saying work should NOT be fun for you. It is vital for companies to keep talent like us if companies want to grow. I am all for using technology and all the vital tools of mass collaboration to boost a company’s bottom line. However, maybe some of you Generation Yers need a reality check, given the examples I have mentioned make us look like spoiled little children.

Perhaps I will refer you to some interesting stats the WSJ article mentions on what we value and what we could possibly learn from baby boomers:

A 2010 Pew Research study found that while baby boomers—generally born between 1946 and 1964—cited work ethic, respectfulness, and morals as their defining qualities, millennials chose technology, music and pop culture, and liberal leanings—followed by superior intelligence and clothing as their defining qualities. Millennials are also likely to prioritize lifestyle over salary, and to foresee changing careers.

Ok, now that you have read this, here is some advice, as a millennial/generationYer myself to you:

Respect Baby Boomers Work Ethic: I have a lot of respect for baby boomers. After all, this was the generation that fought in World War 2, and build a lot of prosperity in our society. They have built many of the companies that are top dog today. They believe in respect, which is a vital part in building a client base. Building trust amongst one another is very important. Most baby boomers know this. While I disagree with baby boomers sometimes, especially when it comes to cherishing technology, learning from their experience, and trust is something you all could learn.

Don’t Ask for Everything Now. BE PATIENT!!!! Please, please, please please. I understand you ambitious younglings want to climb the corporate ladder, want expensive clothing, iPads and leave early to go to Starbucks every Friday. However, some millienials like myself would just kill to have the basics, like a 9 to 5 job, dental and health care benefits at best. That is all. Some don’t want to climb the corporate ladder, but learn from others now, in the hopes that maybe, with further education, we can start our own businesses as consultants later in life like myself. Bottom Line: You just can’t get everything you want ASAP and will need to pay their dues.

Be Thankful For What You Have: A big one. Be thankful for what you have at your job. Because one day, it can be taken all away from you. Add to that, many millenials are struggling to find work. Keep that in mind.

I hope that helps you out. So check your ego at the door, and just enjoy what you have and don’t ask for those shiny iPads on the first day of your job.


Your Generation Y friend



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